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After you apply

Once you’ve applied, we’ll contact you to request more information and update you on the status of your application. Find out more about how we’ll be in touch, the different responses you might get and when you’ll get a decision.

Staying in touch

We’ll be in touch shortly after you apply to ask you to upload any additional information to the 网赌正规网站网址 Portal. For example: we may invite you to upload documents or book an interview. Make sure you check your email regularly, including your spam folders.

Once our admissions teams and academics have reviewed and assessed your application, we’ll contact you via UCAS Track or the 网赌正规网站网址 Portal, to let you know whether your application has been successful.

What response might you receive?

Student with tutor at Central Saint Martins. Image courtesy of 网赌正规网站网址
Student with tutor at Central Saint Martins. Image courtesy of 网赌正规网站网址
Tanikha Allen BA Hons Theatre Design Portfolio
Tanikha Allen BA Hons Theatre Design Wimbledon College of Arts

Complaints and appeals

Not happy with the outcome of your application? Find out how to make a complaint or appeal.

When will you hear from us?

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  • Volume of applications: some courses receive more applications than others. This means it can take longer to process and review applications.
  • Equal consideration: for some of our most competitive courses, there may be a delay in receiving the outcome of your application. This is because it’s important for us to assess all candidates before making offers.
  • Portfolio-based courses: if you were asked to submit a portfolio as part of your application, there may be a longer wait for a decision. This is because our academic staff need to carefully review every portfolio that is submitted