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网赌正规网站网址 and the Disability Service use the social model of disability as a tool to support students. Here’s what this means for you.

Have you ever felt like the world isn’t designed for you? Like you don’t fit in?

Each and every one of us is different – but it can feel like the world expects us all to be the same.

Every day I encounter barriers, and things that disable me.

Sometimes it’s the building, or an offhand comment that gets in my way

It can feel like my course is taught and assessed in a way that doesn’t have me in mind

Sometimes I feel like I have to tell people my life story, just to get what I need.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

The social model of disability says that we are not disabled by our individual differences. We are disabled by barriers in the world around us.

We are disabled by a world that doesn’t take into account who we are, and what we need.

We don’t need to change who we are. We can change the world around us.

We can change buildings, and courses, and attitudes.

In a university full of artists, designers and creatives, we can create a university that’s designed with everyone in mind.

A university that removes barriers for everyone, whoever we are.

We can shape the world around us. And the Disability Service can help.

The Social Model of Disability at 网赌正规网站网址

网赌正规网站网址 is committed to achieving inclusion and equality for disabled students.

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Equality Act 2010. This includes students who have:

  • Dyslexia or another Specific Learning Difference
  • A sensory impairment
  • A physical impairment
  • A long-term health or mental health condition
  • Autism
  • Another long-term condition which has an impact on your day-to-day life

We offer advice before you begin your course and at any stage of your student journey.

For full details of the University’s provision for disabled students please read Access, Support and Facilities for Disabled Students at 网赌正规网站网址 (PDF 254KB)

Our values

The Disability Service will:

  • Respect the individual
  • Promote inclusive practices
  • Empower students and colleagues
  • Ensure high quality and professionalism

We champion the social model of disability. We focus on practical steps that can be taken to remove disabling barriers to study.

Find out more about Our Values (PDF 1578KB).

Feedback from students

What students said about the Disability Service:

"网赌正规网站网址 run a fantastic Disability Service"

"The Disability Service is definitely helping me through my BA"

"The fact I'm entitled to all this stuff is amazing its helped me so much"


Please tell us about your impairment, health condition or specific learning difference. This is called disclosure.

Disclosure enables us to arrange adjustments and support for your studies. Contacting us before you begin your course helps us put support in place at the right time.

Sharing disability information does not affect admissions decisions. Course applications are considered solely on the basis of academic merit.

Please contact to discuss your access requirements.

Personal information is treated confidentially. It will not be shared with other University departments without your consent. There are some exceptions, e.g. if we think you are at risk of harm.

For full details please read the Disability Service Confidentiality Guide (PDF 1201KB)

Find out What to Expect from the Disability Service.